Thank you!

Thank you to all of our supporters. To all of our volunteers, you all did an excellent job. I am extremely proud of the service to our community our campaign represents. It couldn’t have been done without you. It’s safe to say that the majority of our community is now aware that our water is fluoridated, this couldn’t have been said when we started.

Affordable Fluoride Filters

propur_filterAlthough the city will continue to fluoridate, we can still filter much of the fluoride out of the water we drink and bathe in. Below are some links to various types of filters. They all do a good job removing fluoride and other harmful substances, most of the filters sold in stores don’t. Please share these links with friends and family. Pitchers and water bottles make excellent gifts. We do not benefit financially from your purchase. We just want our community to be healthy.

Clearly Filtered
Reverse Osmosis Filters on Amazon