Act Now, You Can Help

Safe Water Healdsburg is an entirely volunteer grassroots organization. Your involvement and support are necessary to help ensure the safety of water fluoridation. We are Healdsburg residents working with Clean Water Sonoma-Marin (CWSM), a non-profit organization based in Sonoma County working to benefit the public through education and action on water fluoridation.

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Ways You Can Help

Personal outreach is most important. One conversation at a time, talk with family members, friends, neighbors and public officials.

  • Learn enough about water fluoridation to be able persuade undecided neighbors, friends and family that fluoridation is a serious health risk, that water fluoridation does not prevent tooth decay, and that fluoridation money would be better spent on quality dental care.
  • Write brief, clear, courteous letters to Legislators, Supervisors, City Councilmembers, Utilities and Water Board Members, requesting that they take a stand against water fluoridation.
  • Write brief, clear, courteous letters-to-the-editor, op-ed pieces and articles on the reasons water fluoridation is bad public policy.
  • Gather signatures on petitions, share information while tabling, and go door-to-door with informational handouts. March in parades.
  • Reach out to local businesses.
  • Distribute our window signs: ANOTHER BUSINESS AGAINST FLUORIDATION.
  • Ask professional, civic, school or social groups to host forums on fluoridation, giving equal time to both positions. Or schedule speakers to answer questions about water fluoridation. There is no charge for these services. Contact us for details.
  • Engineers, chemists, and medical professionals: give testimony at hearings. Talk about your reasons for opposing water fluoridation with professional colleagues, public officials and community groups.
  • Help with fundraising. We need to raise funds because plane fare for speakers is not free, advertising is not free, print costs for posters, flyers and informational packets for public officials are not free.

Whether you’re a great fundraiser, or just not shy about collecting donations for a good cause, your help is needed. Volunteers can help in other ways as well. Please share your suggestions. Let’s work together to keep our water fluoridation free.

Click here to donate   Contact us here to volunteer